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SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 25, 2021 – Shopmonkey, a San Jose, California-based software company serving the automotive repair industry, and Automotive Training Institute (ATI), a leader in coaching and training services for auto repair shops, are teaming up and combining their collective expertise and offerings to help auto repair shop owners overcome the unique challenges of today’s business climate.

ATI offers services and solutions to repair shop owners using certified coaches to improve overall business operations. Shop success is driven by proven, measurable, and field-tested strategies and practices. The affiliate partnership will empower ATI members to leverage Shopmonkey's suite of tools to drive better business outcomes.

“When teaming with ATI, we saw that our companies share a similar vision in the industry,” said Ashot Iskandarian, CEO and founder of Shopmonkey. “ATI has a long history of helping small businesses become successful, and that is something we care about as well. While this collaboration is a win for anysize repair shop, it will help smaller repair shops overcome tougher competition and increased operational costs. As we offer tools to create a smoother workday for technicians, ATI has the ability to offer knowledge that will put clients ahead of the competition.”

Using Shopmonkey’s cloud-based services, ATI clients will be able to maximize their operations by consolidating complicated tasks involved in running a repair shop to a single platform. This includes automated scheduling, inventory, payment processing, and customer communications."

ATI is proud to welcome Shopmonkey as our latest affiliate member,” said Jim Silverman, manager of vendor relations at ATI. “We share common interests with all of our partners. As we continue to coach our members to help them make continuous strides in achieving business success through strategic shop management, we believe that Shopmonkey is another great addition to our family.”

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About Shopmonkey

Shopmonkey, the premier auto repair shop management software, was founded in 2016 by Ashot Iskandarian, with a passion for cars and a vision to help auto shops become more efficient and profitable through innovation. Shopmonkey is now trusted by over 2,000 shops that utilize the platform to run their day-to-day operations by leveraging Shopmonkey’s wide array of integrated features designed to streamline and grow their business.

About Automotive Training Institute

Automotive Training Institute (ATI) is the leading coaching and consulting automotive management company with over 1,600 members who represent shops in the U.S. and Canada. Since opening in 1980, the business has been helping independent auto repair shop owners improve their businesses through proven strategies that drive results.

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