Privacy FAQs

We take privacy seriously and are committed to maintaining privacy protections for our users and the Personal Information we process on behalf of our customers.


Who is Shopmonkey?

Shopmonkey provides software to service shops to help them run their businesses and provide services to their end-customers. In doing so, we collect Personal Information about those shops’ end-customers, such as name, phone number, email and postal address, and other information related to services performed by the shop. We process that Personal Information as a Service Provider on behalf of and on the instructions of our service shop customers, which are the entities responsible for processing the Personal Information of their end-customers. Our services may include helping our service shop customers communicate with their end-customers and generate invoices for work performed. 

If you are an end-customer of one of our service shop customers and want to understand how that shop processes your Personal Information or exercise your rights to access or delete your Personal Information under any applicable privacy laws, please contact the shop and refer to their privacy policy for more information.

What is the CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) is a California state privacy law that has been in effect since January 1, 2020, and applies to the collection, disclosure, and sale of California residents’ personal information. It creates certain privacy rights for California residents and imposes specific privacy compliance obligations on businesses that process personal information of California residents.

When does the CCPA apply?

The CCPA applies to any entity that qualifies as a “Business” under the law, meaning it is a for-profit entity that does business in California, controls how and for what purposes California residents’ personal information is processed, and satisfies certain revenue or consumer thresholds defined by the statute.

What is Personal Information under the CCPA?

Under the CCPA, “Personal Information” means information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular California resident or household. This includes not only name and contact details, but also any information that can reasonably be linked back to a California resident or household.

Is Shopmonkey a Business or a Service Provider under the CCPA?

The CCPA distinguishes between a Business, which determines the purposes and means of the processing of California residents’ Personal Information, and a “Service Provider,” which process Personal Information on behalf of a Business pursuant to a written contract with certain restrictions. When Shopmonkey processes Personal Information on behalf of our service shop customers, we act as a Service Provider. In these instances, the California resident contracts with our service shop customer (the Business) and we process the Personal Information on their behalf.

To help our service shop customers who qualify as a Business under the CCPA meet their obligations, we have included California Data Processing Addendum as part of our standard Terms of Service. Our California Data Processing Addendum makes clear that Shopmonkey is acting as a “service provider” under the CCPA for our service shop customers and establishes our respective obligations for compliance purposes. 

* * *

This FAQ is not intended to provide legal advice. Customers should consult with their legal counsel to best determine whether and how to comply with any other obligations they may have under the CCPA.