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How much does Shopmonkey cost?

Do I have to sign a contract?

Are there setup fees to get started?

How many users can our shop have on Shopmonkey?

How many devices can I use with my subscription?

Can I pick and choose à la carte style editions/functionality?

Is Shopmonkey available all over the world?

I'm a new business, can you help me out?


Does Shopmonkey have a mobile app?

Can I send texts with pictures and videos to my customers through Shopmonkey? Can they send them to me?

Can I do digital inspections with Shopmonkey?

Can my customers schedule their own appointments?

Can Shopmonkey do batch invoicing?


Do you help with data migration if I switch to Shopmonkey?

Does Shopmonkey Integrate with QuickBooks and CARFAX?

Where do you get your lookups and labor guides from?

Does Shopmonkey provide lookups for Medium or Heavy-duty vehicles?

Can I procure parts with Shopmonkey?

Shopmonkey Capital

How do you determine who qualifies for an offer?

Do I have to pay interest?

Will applying for an offer affect my credit rating?

Can I request a different offer amount?

When do I need to pay the flat fee?

How does repayment work?

What is a minimum payment?

How do I make my minimum payment?

Can I repay my loan early?

Will repaying early qualify me for a new offer?

After I accept an offer, how quickly will I get my funds?

What happens when my offer expires?

How should I report these funds on my taxes?

Who can I contact to learn more about the Shopmonkey Capital program?

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Our friendly support team is available to answer any questions you have, or check out our Help Center for training resources.

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Shopmonkey is everything you need, no plugins or integrations required.