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Take labor guides to the next level

Save your techs time with diagrams and procedures available right within Shopmonkey

Everything you need in one place

Instead of having to pay for and use multiple separate lookup tools, simply open up the diagrams, specs, wiring and procedures all directly from the work order.

Get up to speed quickly

Even great mechanics aren't familiar with every year, make and model. Give your techs the knowledge they need to get oriented and get to work no matter what's in the bay or what service is being performed.

Industry standard data

Quickly pull up data for vehicles, body & frame, brakes, electrical, HVAC, powertrain, steering, and suspension.

Third party integration

We've partnered with MOTOR to integrate their extensive database of light duty mechanical repair data which is used widely across the industry for both foreign and domestic manufacturers.

High quality data

We collaborate with our customers and with MOTOR to continually improve and refine the labor guides and data over time.

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