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Case studies provide potential buyers with proof that their future purchase is a good choice. Use case studies to highlight how the company can benefit customers in their specific industry.

Case Study

Top Shop Auto sees huge jump in gross sales with Shopmonkey

Before Shopmonkey, Top Shop Auto used a server-based program and printed paper for each and every job. They wanted to go paperless and find something with integrated payment that the mechanics could use on a daily basis that makes sense to them.

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Key Results

20% Increase in Monthly Sales

Since they made the switch to Shopmonkey, Top Shop Auto has grown their gross monthly sales by 20%.

90% Decrease in Phone Calls

With the ability to instantly text and email customers, Top Auto Shop is only picking up the phone to call customers 10% of the amount they used to.

75% Decrease in No-Shows

With automated appointment reminders, Top Auto Shop has a quarter of the no-shows they used to have before Shopmonkey.


  • Multiple Variations
  • CTA(s) Included
  • Image Capabilities
  • Input Forms
  • Video Capabilities


Character count

  • Kicker - 32 characters
  • Title - 86 characters
  • Subtitle - 276 characters
  • Title H2 - 34 characters
  • Body - 186 characters

Image Sizing

  • 770 x 433 px minimum
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