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Windows and Wheels Detailing Boost Revenue and Become More Organized with Shopmonkey

Published On: April 13, 2021

Industry: Auto Repair

Company Size: Small

Location: Gilbert, Arizona


Windows and Wheels Auto Detailing owners Wills and Daniela Amstutz are more than just business partners—they’re brother and sister. Their passion for automotive was built side by side when they launched an auto detailing business out of their mom’s garage. As the Gilbert, Arizona company grew, they moved into a shop all their own. With that growth came challenges—like organization and business fluidity. After adopting Shopmonkey, things began to flow. 

The Challenge

Lack of Organization | Disjointed Team Communication

With a physical shop and a growing team, Wills and Daniela’s business really began to boom. As their shop became increasingly successful, they noticed some growing pains when it came to organization. In an effort to solve the problem, they turned to one software system but felt the results left something to be desired. “The transition from leads to administration to tech to sales was just…goopy,” explains Wills.

From the customers’ perspective, they were still receiving stellar quality auto detailing as Wills and Daniela bent over backwards to push through the problems. However, internally, there were always a lot of questions like, "What are we doing for this car?" and "What's the work for tomorrow?" They had to switch between multiple software systems just to find client info, quotes, and payments. 

In short, their process was workable, and customers were happy, but it wasn't a sustainable system in the long run. 

The Solution

All-in-One System | Organized Team | Efficient Customer Communication

In early 2019, Wills and Daniela decided to sign up for a Shopmonkey trial to test the waters. “We had finally discovered a software that is specifically built for auto shops,” said Wills, “Plus, the Shopmonkey customer service was excellent from the start!” 

Jumping in head first, Windows and Wheels became a Shopmonkey customer, and within just a few weeks, organization was vastly improved. 

“One of the biggest perks about Shopmonkey is that it is ready for use right off the bat. It didn’t need to be customized in a million different ways. I wanted something that had everything 90% pre-set for what I want and need, and then enough wiggle room to still personalize it as needed. Shopmonkey was exactly that," said Wills.

With Shopmonkey, Windows and Wheels has seen a massive overall improvement in organization. Now, everyone on staff knows the appointment schedule and the details for each job. Plus, they are able to stay on top of inventory.

Beyond organization, Windows and Wheels found that Shopmonkey’s integrated Payment Processing saves them a ton of time and headaches. “Being able to take payments in a single platform and have it sync to my QuickBooks Online is great. It cuts down on labor needed from my bookkeeper (and myself) with reconciling monthly,” says Wills. 

The customer communication that’s built into Shopmonkey has also been a total game-changer, with Wills stating, “Our customer communication has drastically improved.” Shopmonkey's text and email reminders, status updates, appointment scheduling, and service confirmations were all part of this badly-needed uptick in communication across the board. They've used Shopmonkey’s two-way texting to upsell tons of clients by sending pictures and advising upgrades. “Trying to get a customer to upgrade their package while their car was being service used to be tough,” says Wills. “Many times, our clients couldn’t answer the phone because they were in a meeting. Now we just text photos and suggest an upgrade. I’d say around 75% say yes instantly.” Meanwhile, the automated appointment reminders have cut down the rate of no-shows by a landslide of 90%.

“We started Shopmonkey in March 2019, and we saw a 50% increase in revenue in 2019. Of course, this was not all due to Shopmonkey, but it played a critical role in that achievement,” said Wills. 

The Results

case study
Increased revenue by 50% in 2019

By adopting Shopmonkey, boosting marketing, and bringing a previously outsourced service in-house, Windows and Wheels was able to take their business to the next level.

case study
75% Decrease in no-shows

“The automated appointment reminders have significantly cut down on our no-shows.”
— Wills Amstutz 

case study
Increase in upsells

Texting and emailing customers with an upgrade suggestion has proven to be far more effective than a phone call, with 70% of customers quickly responding with approval.

About Windows and Wheels Detailing

Windows and Wheels is a sibling-owned auto detailing shop serving the greater Phoenix area. Wills and Daniela Amstutz may have gotten their start detailing their mom's '96 Ford Taurus in their garage, but they've since gone on to become absolute experts in the field. Services include paint protection film, detailing, paint correction/ceramic coating, window tinting, & much more. 

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