Titan Motoring slashes phone calls and accounting hours, while protecting its business with Shopmonkey

Published On: November 15, 2022

Industry: Customs

Company Size: Small

Location: Nashville, TN


Starting Titan Motoring out of his van in 2011, Philip Lindsley spent the last decade building his custom auto shop from the ground up. He’s hired 36 employees, and upgraded from his van to an 8,000 square foot shop where Titan Motoring has anywhere from 50 to 75 interior and exterior custom jobs come in per day. The versatility of Shopmonkey saved Titan Motoring hundreds of hours and potentially thousands of dollars in disputes. 

The Challenge

Mixing Paper-Based and Digital-Based Processes | Hours on the Phone | Customer Disputes

Before Shopmonkey, Titan Motoring used multiple software solutions and struggled with integrating all of these programs — the combination of basic paper invoices, Google calendar, a clunky integrated sale solution, and other programs made it challenging to manage all of their shop management needs. Lindsley recalls having to manually call customers at the end of every day for appointment reminders, sending invoices over email, employees communicating through group texts, and receiving quotes as late as 9 at night. That combination was spreading the team thin, and adding unnecessary administrative hours to an already busy day. 

“What we have been doing is not going to work anymore,” said Lindsley,“ Out of pure need, we started researching new solutions.”

The shop also works with over 100 dealerships in 3 states transporting vehicles back and forth for service. Much like other auto shops around the country, disputes about the condition the vehicle came back in arise. When disputes came in, Titan Motoring’s employees found themselves stressed out and searching in multiple different places to find the documentation necessary to settle the dispute. 

With time and quality at risk, Lindsley turned to Shopmonkey for answers.

The Solution

Streamlined Workflow | Automated Appointment Reminders | Boosted Customer Trust 

Philip knew he had his solution within the first 5 minutes of interacting with the Shopmonkey demo.

“It’s saved us for sure,” he said. “I don’t want to think about what would have happened without it. Shopmonkey alleviated problems we didn’t even know we had. It changed our operations without changing our actual store hours.”

Within a couple of days of implementing Shopmonkey, the Titan Motoring team was able to take advantage of all the tools they needed to clean up their processes. 

“Things are where they should be,” Lindsley said. “It just makes sense, it’s easy to use, and you don’t need to spend a lot of energy to figure it out.”

The shop was able to streamline their workflows within one platform, specifically noting the versatility of the program as a major help in doing so. Titan Motoring employees were able to save 160 hours per month on work phone calls alone. With Shopmonkey, appointment reminders are now sent automatically, customer and internal communication are handled on the platform, and all of their archives are in one place.

Shopmonkey gave peace of mind to the Titan team in a multitude of ways. With the platform's inspection tools, technicians are able to upload full reports providing evidence that vehicles are properly handled and cared for under the Titan team. Thus boosting their reputation with customers, and let technicians do their work without the added stress of a potential dispute. In addition, with in-platform communication from Shopmonkey, customers were no longer contacting shop employees on their personal phones after hours, allowing Titan Motoring to keep the lights on and work, while employees get to clock out. Even when he’s not on the clock, Philip loves seeing payments come in while he’s at home. “Sometimes I get 20k deposits at 10 p.m.,” Lindsley said. “I leave notifications on my phone so I can see when that happens.”

Titan’s customers say their service is easier and more convenient since joining Shopmonkey. “There is a level of professionalism that comes with it,” Lindsley said. “The combination of all of the tools improves the client experience in all aspects.” 

The Results

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Saved accounting team 15 hours per month

With Shopmonkey’s reporting and payment tools, Titan’s team has been able to cut down on time spent on accounting tasks.

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Avoided 20+ quality-related disputes

Using Shopmonkey’s inspection tools, technicians are given zero liability while servicing vehicles — a detailed report of a vehicle’s state before and after their work was done.

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Saved 160 administrative hours each month

With Shopmonkey’s appointment management tool, Titan’s team has been able to save hours of time by automatically sending appointment reminders.

About Titan Motoring

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Titan Motoring is middle Tennessee’s premier custom automotive shop. Located in Nashville, they specialize in car stereo, window tint, auto upholstery and more. The shop has serviced cars for NFL players from the Titans, Jets, Rams, and many other teams.

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