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Motoro Cars Expands Business With Shopmonkey Capital

Motoro used the financing from Shopmonkey Capital to help finance two new locations in the south Florida area.

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    Opened additional locations using Shopmonkey Capital

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    Technician efficiency increased 20-30%

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    Saved service writers time


Motoro Cars is an auto repair workshop operating in the competitive Miami market, where image is everything and shops need to be more than just great partners to their customers. Needing to position themselves as a cutting edge business in order to meet their ambitious goals, Motoro chose Shopmonkey to bring a level of professionalism as the best in auto repair software, and a product that would align with the growing business's future needs.

“It makes us look like a Fortune 500 Company,” said Motoro Cars Co-Founder, Felix Diaz. “It goes along with the culture that I'm implementing in my organization.”

The shop has utilized the complete Shopmonkey suite to aid its rapid expansion — moving into its 5th new location in the last 3 years. From payments to financing, Shopmonkey is an essential part of Motoro’s business.

The Challenge

Modern Solution Needed to Keep up with Servicing Modern Vehicles

Motoro Cars Co-Founder, Felix Diaz, has a vision for his business. It’s deeply rooted in fostering a culture of care for his employees, and customers. Diaz has invested over $1 million into modernizing his business in order to meet the demands of the competitive Miami market. But with aspirations of growth and sustainability, the company needed more capital.

Around 90% of the South Florida market is leased vehicles – meaning the majority of cars Motoro services were built within the last few years. Because of this, Diaz’s technicians need to be trained not only on repairs, but also on new vehicle computer diagnostics and updates as well as how to do them efficiently. Modern servicing called for modern solutions.

Diaz has a deep background in the industry, with experience working at dealerships, and other auto repair shops. Over the years, he’s used a number of auto repair softwares, none of which meet the high standards he was looking to bring to Motoro.

“I've dealt with a lot of these systems, and every system that I've dealt with is antiquated,” explained Diaz.

He was looking for a software solution that could meet the modern needs of Motoro, while aiding its growth and expansion.

“Shopmonkey Capital is one flat fee, so it’s cheaper than a credit card,” Diaz said. “With Shopmonkey Capital, you have that money there, and if you need it, you can use it.”

Felix Diaz
Co-Founder, Motoro Cars

The Solution

Streamlined Processes to Focus on Growth | A Convenient Digital Customer Experience | Expanded Business with Shopmonkey Capital

Motoro began their work with Shopmonkey using tools to help with their payments, parts procurement, bookkeeping, and reporting. With so much information and digital tools at his fingertips, Diaz was able to focus on strategically growing the business instead of getting bogged down by day-to-day tasks. His customers noticed the difference immediately. They have enjoyed Shopmonkey features, including paying conveniently from anywhere, and receiving photo and video reports explaining the problem with their vehicle.

“I think Shopmonkey is the leader in this industry,” said Diaz. “It allows me to promote what Motoro is, by having the personnel and technology needed to meet today’s demands.”

One Google review stated: “Motoro was wonderful from start to finish. Our car was hit in our parking garage and we had a dent and scratch from it that needed work. I contacted this place and they gave us an estimate by just sending a picture which was so helpful.”

Shopmonkey benefitted not only Motoro’s customers, but employees as well, aiding the efficiency of their work. Using Shopmonkey’s service manual and parts catalog integrations, Diaz estimates his service team has cut down time spent on individual projects by 80%.

But the biggest perk, according to Diaz, has been the advancements in sustainability and business expansion, made possible by Shopmonkey Capital. Using financing from Shopmonkey Capital, Diaz was able to open Motoro’s 3rd and 4th locations.

“Shopmonkey Capital has been literally a lifesaver,” Diaz said. “It came when I needed it the most.”

Diaz has also invested the capital back into his employees by paying for technicians to attend additional training. This has driven a 20–30% increase in efficiency with tasks like catalytic converter replacement that used to take 45 minutes, now taking only 15 minutes. Diaz also used Shopmonkey Capital money to buy a new computer to repair Teslas, as well as other equipment and diagnostics tools for the shop.

“Shopmonkey Capital is one flat fee, so it’s cheaper than a credit card,” Diaz said. “With Shopmonkey Capital, you have that money there, and if you need it, you can use it.”

Since working together, Diaz has formed a close relationship with Shopmonkey’s team through direct access to leadership and customer care.

“I don't think there's ever been a company that I've worked with that I’ve had so much fun with,” Diaz said. “For me to be able to sit down with Shopmonkey’s CEO, the director of sales, any of the staff — that creates a lot of transparency for me as a customer.”

Shopmonkey has enabled Motoro to run a more efficient and transparent operation that better aligns with its culture and image. In doing so, Motoro has been able to further its expansion over the last 3 years, and grow its presence as a leader in the Miami market.

Driven by Results

  • Piggy Bank Icon
    Used money acquired from Shopmonkey Capital to open up the 3rd and 4th Motoro location

    Motoro used the financing from Shopmonkey Capital to help finance two new locations in the south Florida area.

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    Saw technician efficiency increase 20–30%, tasks that used to take 45 minutes, now take 15

    Tasks like replacing catalytic converters have been sped up with new technicians training, and seamless diagrams accessible via mobile device.

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    Cut service writers time spent on a project by 80%

    Cutting down the number of screens needed to do their jobs, and streamlining communications has cut out unnecessary, time consuming tasks for service writers.

About Motoro Cars

Motoro Cars is a locally owned and operated full-service preventive maintenance and automotive repair center. With 5 locations across Miami, Motoro is the leader in serving the local community and surrounding areas.

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