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Shopmonkey Helps Electrified Garage Double Sales

By allowing customers to fill out an online form to request work on their vehicle, they have expanded their reach and made it easier for folks from all over the country to find their shop.

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    Over 100% increase in online presence

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    Doubled sales

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    Multi-location management


Electrified Garage is a premier auto shop for electric vehicle (EVs) users across North America.  They are set to appear on a new Discovery+ show about EVs featuring Robert Downey Jr. With a strong international reputation, clients from Mexico, to California, to Ohio travel long distances just to get their vehicles serviced at one of their shops. Put simply, by Chad Hrencecin, co-owner and service manager at Electrified Garage, “whoever needs us, they find us.”

With multiple locations spread out across the east coast — in Florida and New Hampshire — Electrified Garage turned to Shopmonkey for one system to help track inventory, book and manage appointments, and streamline customer/internal communications. Distance is no longer a bottleneck for Electrified Garage as staff from each of its locations are now able to jump in and help each other without missing a beat.

Shopmonkey’s cloud-based platform helped Electrified Garage cut down on paper waste and is easy to use for their tech savvy, environmentally conscious clients to engage with.

The Challenge

Too Many Systems | Losing Track of Appointments | Trouble Managing Multiple Locations

Before Shopmonkey, Electrified Garage used too many disconnected systems — one for time clocks, one for customer payments, another for repair orders, and yet another for tracking appointments and service requests. With multiple locations and multiple operational systems, it was hard to keep track of what appointments were at which location and what inventory each location had. Sometimes the shop would have appointments coming in that they didn’t even know about. The process had gotten messy.

“For us to manage every location at the same time was very difficult,” Hrencecin said.

With customers coming from around the world to have their EVs worked on, the team needed a better way to schedule appointments besides the typical phone and email system. On top of that, most of the shop’s customers are green, tech savvy EV owners. They were looking for an innovative, easy to use way to improve their customer communications overall.

With all of this in mind, Electrified Garage turned to Shopmonkey for answers.

“It’s great because we can dive into each other's locations, and help out with appointment taking, inventory, customer communications. It’s nice to keep it all together.”

Chad Hrencecin
Co-Owner, Electrified Garage

The Solution

Multi-Location Organization & Management | Online Work Request Form | Digitally-Based Customer Communications

Shopmonkey instantly organized the Electrified Garage team.

“It’s great because we can dive into each other's locations, and help out with appointment taking, inventory, customer communications,” Hrencecin said. “It’s nice to keep it all together.”

Now, they have a central hub where they can schedule appointments across locations. Electrified Garage service writers can coordinate with customers at the Florida location, from New Hampshire without hopping from system to system, and calendar to calendar. Everything they need is now in one place — on Shopmonkey. 

The same service writers now view inventory levels across locations, ensuring all necessary parts are available to complete each job. If a job requires inventory from another location, the staff is able to ship those parts ahead of time to get the job done efficiently for their client when they arrive.

“It’s made us more versatile,” Hrencecin said. “It makes things more streamlined, which then improves the business because you can get more jobs in.”

They’ve also seen an over 100% increase in online visitors via the Work Request Form, which has allowed them to collect more sales. That additional exposure and lead capture has at least doubled their sales.

Because they are able to keep everything in one place, and streamline their process, the shop is able to get more customers in and out per day. With increased efficiency, comes more business, a huge benefit for the in-demand shop. 

Their customers are also huge fans of the news system.

“A lot of our customers are very green,” Hrencecin said. “They don't like paper products being wasted. You go to most dealerships, they're using tons of paper products, whereas we're just using digital copies.”

With a simple, easy-to-use interface, customers can look at their estimate, approve it, and make a payment virtually and all in one place. They can even use text or email to connect to an Electrified Garage representative via Shopmonkey’s messaging feature to easily go over any details on the work order for their vehicle rather than going back and forth over over the phone

With happy customers, and a streamlined workflow, Electrified Garage has reaped the benefits of their partnership with Shopmonkey.

“We're growing as a shop,” Hrencecin said. “We want to continue to grow with Shopmonkey.”

Driven by Results

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    Over 100% increase in online presence via Shopmonkey’s work request form

    By allowing customers to fill out an online form to request work on their vehicle, they have expanded their reach and made it easier for folks from all over the country to find their shop.

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    Doubled sales via increase exposure and lead capture

    With more leads coming in online, Electrified Garage saw large sales growth as more and more customers began coming into their shop.

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    Seamless multi-location management of 3 locations

    With Shopmonkey, it doesn’t matter which shop an employee works in — any team member can quickly jump in to set up appointments, chat with customers, and order parts for any of their three locations.

About Electrified Garage

Electrified Garage is a third party repair shop for electric vehicles, located in Seabrook, New Hampshire, Ocala, Florida and West Palm Beach, Florida. The shop will be heavily featured on the new Discovery+ show “Downey’s Dream Cars,” starring Robert Downey Jr.

Electrified Garage

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