Does your auto shop have a branded email address?

We talk to a lot of shops. A lot of that conversation is through email.

Roughly 95% of the shops that we talk to don't have a branded email. This is a huge, easily fixable miss that is hurting your brand.

What is branded email?

Here is an example:

For those of you that already have branded email setup, I applaud you. You have taken a big step in promoting and protecting your brand.

Not setting up a branded email leads to a few problems

  1. If the business grows, you can't assign and manage multiple emails - communication gets centered around one email which introduces a lot risk - especially when someone leaves.

  2. You can't add support@, or service@, or create emails for your technician's and staff. You're stuck to one email.

  3. If people use their own personal emails to communication with your customers, you don't have ownership of those conversations.

  4. It looks unprofessional and can cause you to lose business.

Take 5 minutes to set up a branded email address

Branded email allows you to create, edit and delete different users while maintaining ownership of the conversation between them and customers/vendors.

  1. It helps you look professional and promote your shop, not your email provider.

  2. It allows you to create several emails for your business like: admin@, support@, name@ etc.

  3. It allows you to scale and maintain control as your staff grows and changes.

  4. It's cheap - we use Google Business Suite for calendar and email and pay $5/mo for each user.

For convenience, we've included a link to get started with Google though keep in mind that you can select from a myriad of vendors including Yahoo and GoDaddy as examples.

Visit Google to setup your branded email address.