When Shopmonkey began, it was important to our founder, Ashot Iskandarian, and his wife, Annie, that giving back to the community would be a core value of the company. In that spirit of giving, they created Maintenance for Moms – a foundation committed to helping single mothers with car repairs and more. Keep reading to learn about this great organization! 

Maintenance for Moms was founded by Shopmonkey CEO, Ashot Iskandarian, and his wife, Annie.

When Ashot founded Shopmonkey in 2016, he asked Annie what she thought they could do to give back to their community. Stemming from their faith-based convictions and personal connections to single mothers, Maintenance for Moms was born. Their mission? To help single mothers get to get their cars fixed and maintained, so they can keep their families safe on the road. With Annie Iskandarian leading the organization as President, the couple seeks to serve these deserving women with love and compassion, and empower others to do the same. Annie’s mom was a single mother before Annie was born, and her boss made a significant impact on the young mother’s life by introducing her to God and helping her when she needed it the most. Annie explains, “My mom was abandoned by her husband when she had two six-month-old twin baby boys and was just left with nothing. She was depressed and heartbroken. Someone came alongside her and empowered her, and I want to continue that by coming alongside other single moms.

The Iskandarian family is committed to sharing Shopmonkey’s profits and to helping single moms pay for vehicle repairs.

Maintenance for Moms knows that getting your car repaired can not only be expensive but also overwhelming for a lot of women. While talking about their mission, Annie says, “It can be very intimidating, as a woman, to go into an auto shop and get your car repaired. So we team up with local mechanics that we trust and we get them back on the road free of charge.

Maintenance for Moms has repaired over 150 vehicles in Santa Clara County.

Based out of Santa Clara County in California, Maintenance for Moms helps single mothers who have a valid driver’s license, car registration, insurance, and are struggling financially. Read stories from moms they’ve helped here on their blog Maintenance for Moms is not just about car repairs – it’s about helping women thrive. Annie explains, “Our desire is to come alongside them as a whole woman, to help them leave healthier and more stable–relationally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.”

Maintenance for Moms also assists single mothers in finding healthcare, housing, food, and emotional or spiritual care, in addition to offering resume building and interview training. 

As of February 2022, Maintenance for Moms has: 

  • Replaced 25 vehicles

  • Given out 151 resource bags

  • Provided 64 families with Christmas gifts 

Donating is easy!

Make a one-time or monthly donation using this link. Your tax-deductible donation will be greatly appreciated by single mothers in need.

Being part of these moms’ stories is delightful, a joy, and a privilege, so I want to invite others to be part of that with us.

Annie Iskandarian

Want to learn more? Visit www.maintenanceformoms.org to see how you can get involved.