Run Your Shop Like a Pro, Take Time Off Like a Champ.

By Patrick MacKenzie on September 4th, 2020 in Announcements

Labor Day marks a three day weekend for many people. However, if you are a shop owner, we know it can be challenging to take a day off. For many auto shop owners, taking a three day weekend just isn’t an option. Even if you decide to close your shop on Labor Day, you see this as an opportunity to catch up on the books, get your inventory back in order, or perhaps organize the schedule for the next week. The moral of the story? You are still working in some way, shape, or form. 

We believe that Shopmonkey can truly help you achieve a healthy business and work-life balance. Our mission is to equip you with the best software to run, understand, and grow your business. With Shopmonkey, you simplify all the complexities of running an auto shop onto a single platform—including appointment scheduling, parts ordering, customer communications, payment processing, and more. Our hope is that our software will help you to become so organized and streamlined, that it's easy for you to truly take a day off and get home earlier on the days that you do work.

 This recent customer review made us smile ear to ear:

Love [Shopmonkey]! Can't stop talking about it. My wife and kids like it because I come home less stressed and exhausted, and earlier in the evening than before. They get to see me more, and have more of me when I am there because my workplace experience is so much better. Thank you Shopmonkey! - Jonathan E., Shop Owner/Manager

At Shopmonkey, we know that everyone is more than what they do for work. If you are a shop owner, we want to help you find the perfect work-life balance by simplifying your end-to-end operations so that you and your employees can be your best selves at work and at home—all while running a thriving business.

Take the opportunity to invest in a tool that will give you time back in your day. 

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