Run a Contactless Auto Shop + Make Strategic Changes

By Hannah Conrad on May 7th, 2020 in Tips

Auto shops are using this unprecedented time to invest in and revamp their business rather than pump the brakes.

Let’s be honest. Like most companies around the world, Shopmonkey was prepared to see a downward trend in the number of new Shopmonkey subscribers due to the current crisis we are all facing. But this has not been the case. Instead, Shopmonkey has noticed a different trend. 

Shop owners that are subscribing to Shopmonkey right now have been verbally expressing confidence in the fact that this global crisis won’t last forever. In time, everything will start to normalize, and they want to streamline their operations with the right shop management software. For many, this is a project that has long since been on the back burner. When business does pick back up, they will be more ready and more efficient than ever before.

One of our customers shared with us that he is encouraging his peer auto shop owners to not be discouraged by an empty shop because there is always strategic, operational and administrative work that can be done. 

Shopmonkey would love to partner with you. 

Run a contactless shop with Shopmonkey

Another thing we have been pleased to hear is that Shopmonkey is playing a key role in helping our customers to keep their employees and customers safe by implementing a contactless experience. Here are some tips from our current customers for running a contactless shop:

Take customer communication online: 

I love that I have been able to close my waiting room during this COVID-19 pandemic and do all customer contact over the web. I was even able to send a customized message with the Message tab letting our customers know how we are conducting business at this time. Just so many cool things I love about this program and so EASY to use!! - Kristina M., shop owner

Receive online payments only:

All of the tools of Shopmonkey allow us to run the business with minimal/no contact with customers (pay online, drop and go). - Jesse Whitsell, shop owner

We are here for you. 

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