Does the time clock system your technicians use tell you everything there is to know about your auto repair shop’s efficiency?

At Shopmonkey, we believe that time clocks should tell you more than just how much your technicians are owed on payday. Of course, tracking hours for payroll is important, but what if you could do that while better understanding exactly where your team’s time is being spent?

A Dynamic Way to Track Your Team’s Hours

Clocking Into a Work Order

With Shopmonkey, you can have more than one technician clock into a specific work order. This helps you to understand precisely how much time was spent on that specific job, by that specific tech. If someone’s not maximizing their time, you’ll be the first to know. 

Techs can easily clock into any work order from within the Time Clocks tab

Clocking Into a Service Within a Work Order 

You can have your techs clock into specific services on a work order such as  ‘Spark Plugs,’ ‘Cabin Air Filter,’ etc. You can even have multiple technicians clock into the different services on a single work order. With this time tracking feature, you'll be able to see the exact amount of time each tech spent on various services. It’s easy, transparent, and encourages your team to work to their full potential. 

Reports & Time Log
Reports & Time Log found within the Time Clocks tab in an order

Learning From the Data: Labor Cost Ratios & Efficiency Ratings

When you have your technicians clock into specific work orders or services, you can learn a few things about your repair shop as a whole:

  • Your shop’s labor cost ratios

  • Your shop’s efficiency ratings

You can also view summaries by technician:

  • Hours tracked per job

  • Hours on services/order 

  • Total hours tracked

  • Total labor cost

  • Total hours billed

  • Overall efficiency rating

The Summary by Technician Report helps you understand the efficiency of your team
The Summary by Technician Report helps you understand the efficiency of your team

With Shopmonkey’s innovative time clock feature, you can easily keep track of your shop’s specific metrics while keeping an eye on your bottom line. What are the most efficient jobs that are making you the most money? Which techs perform which services the fastest? Could you provide more training to help grow your techs’ skill sets? Are you tracking hours per R.O.? Is it an easily-solvable equipment issue? Do techs have some sort of incentive program keeping them motivated to work quickly yet efficiently?

With Shopmonkey time clocks, you’ll have all of the information needed to answer these vital questions and make the changes that take your shop to the next level.

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