A no-pressure customer experience that automatically saves declined services

When someone takes their car in for service, they usually have an idea of what they think needs to be done. For this reason, customers can feel caught off-guard and frustrated by unexpected line items on their estimate.

Sometimes, these service line items are absolutely necessary to fix the underlying problem that brought the car in — required services. Other times, they are something that should be addressed now or in the near future — recommended services. Shopmonkey’s Recommended Services tool is a simple way to present additional services to a customer while giving them the freedom of choice to approve or decline each service. Your customers can see the recommended services and costs before adding them to their estimate, for a transparent approach that builds trust. 

Labeling a service as “Recommended”

To recommend additional services to your customers, clicking the “R” icon at the top of the selected service signifying that the service is a Recommended Service. Recommended Services will not be included in the estimated total by default, but will be added to the total in real-time once your customer authorizes them. 

Your customer will see Recommended Services clearly distinguished from other services when viewing their estimate.

Once they authorize their estimate, the authorization statuses of each service are reflected on the estimate.

Tracking declined/deferred services

If a customer declines a Recommended Service, it will be automatically moved to the Deferred Services section of the customer’s profile. When the customer returns, you can easily add previously deferred services to a new estimate — saving you time.

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