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By Gallagher Wilson on May 25th, 2021 in Product Update
Keep Track of Your Customers' Past Services with Shopmonkey

A Common Customer Dilemma for Auto Shops:
Inaccurate Recollection of Past Services 

If you’ve ever been behind the service counter in a repair shop, sooner or later you had this conversation with a customer: “Hey, got your car all checked out. Looks like you need a right front wheel bearing today.” The customer replies, “You guys just replaced that at my last service, didn’t you?” On your end of the phone line is awkward silence and the shuffling of papers while you search for any information regarding this customer’s previous service appointments. We’ve all had it happen; it’s incredibly uncomfortable and worse, potentially damaging to your shop’s reputation.

Keeping accurate track of repair records for your customers is a critical component to running a successful shop. It makes you appear more professional, gains the customer’s trust, and helps save you from potentially-damaging negative reviews

Easily Log and Pull Up Vehicle Repair History

At Shopmonkey, we hear from shops all the time that they just don’t have a good way to track their customers’ repair histories. They tell us about the uncomfortable situations they’ve been in, and the amount of money they’ve lost doing warranty repairs they weren’t actually responsible for.

In Shopmonkey's shop management software, every repair you do is logged to the individual customer profile, and is easily searchable from our ‘Search Everything’ bar in the app. Being able to search quickly through repair history on the fly will make you look organized and professional. 

Search quickly through repair history for your auto shop customers using Shopmonkey.
Search quickly through repair history on the fly.
Past repair service history for auto shop customer using Shopmonkey.
Quickly reference past service history on the customer's profile.

Gain Customers’ Trust

With Shopmonkey, when someone says, “‘You guys just replaced that at my last service, didn’t you?” you can quickly and confidently reply, “Actually, we did the left rear wheel bearing, and this is a different repair. I’m happy to email you a copy of the prior invoice if you’d like."

Your customers will feel taken care of, valued, and happy to have such clear communication when it comes to their cars. With Shopmonkey, everything’s transparent and available at the touch of a button, making it easy to keep track of customers’ previous services. 

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About the Author

Before working at Shopmonkey, Gallagher Wilson was a technician and service manager in the independent auto repair industry for 15 years. He brings this unique perspective and experience to his role at Shopmonkey, on a mission to help businesses grow with the best, most modern shop management software out there. 

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