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Makes it Easy for Customers to Approve or Decline Recommended Services
Shopmonkey’s Recommended Services tool is a simple way to present additional services to a customer while giving them the freedom of choice to approve or decline each service. Your customers can see the recommended services and costs before adding them to their estimate, for a transparent approach that builds trust. 
Keep Your Bays Full by Pre-Scheduling Service Appointments
When you go to the dentist, the last thing you do before leaving the office is to schedule your next cleaning. Dentists figured out years ago that most people are not going to initiate the scheduling of their yearly teeth cleaning, so they pre-schedule the next appointment before the patients even leave the office. It could be the same for basic car maintenance. 
Shopmonkey Announces $75 Million Series C Funding to Help Auto Shops Meet Increased Demand for Repair Services
Top auto shop management software company triples down to help shops scale and succeed.
Product Update
Keep Track of Past Services for Repair Shop Customers | Shopmonkey
Accurately keep track of past repair services for your auto repair shop customers with Shopmonkey. Your customers will feel taken care of and valued.
3 Reasons to Use Canned Services in Your Shop
Canned jobs or services are pre-saved jobs that can easily be added to estimates to save time. Here's why your repair shop should be using canned jobs.
Maximize Your Shop’s Efficiency With Shopmonkey Time Clocks
Maximize your auto repair shop's efficiency with time clocks. Track technician hours, where their time is being spent, efficiency ratings, and so much more.
Product Update
How to Gain Customer Trust & Increase Approval of Recommended Services
Gain customer trust and increase approvals for recommended services at your auto repair shop. Find out how to build trust with your customers.
Reduce no-shows and keep your bays full with automated appointment reminders
If you own or work at an auto shop, you’ve been on the other side of someone forgetting about their appointment.
Accelerate Estimate Approvals with Text Messaging
Accelerate Estimate Approvals with Text Messaging
How to Generate 5-Star Reviews for Your Auto Shop
Getting more reviews for your auto shop is now easier than ever. Follow these three simple steps to generate more 5-star reviews for your shop.
Three Things the Aftermarket Auto Service Industry can Learn from the Gig Economy
Is your auto business ripe for disruption by the gig economy?
How Shopmonkey Successfully Executes Enterprise-level Rollouts
A Look Inside the Tint World® Partnership
Run Your Shop Like a Pro, Take Time Off Like a Champ.
Labor Day marks a three day weekend for many people. However, if you are a shop owner, we know it can be challenging to take a day off.
Shopmonkey Raises a $25 Million Series B Led by Bessemer Venture Partners
Shopmonkey is ecstatic to announce a $25 million Series B investment led by Bessemer Venture Partners. Welcome Byron Deeter to our Board of Directors!
Product Update
Celebrating over 1,000 Shopmonkey Customers
In just 3 years, we have passed 1,000 auto repair shops who use our software. See for yourself why more customers are choosing Shopmonkey.

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