About Shopmonkey

Meet our Team

Ashot Iskandarian

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Travis Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Patrick MacKenzie

Head of Sales

Yurii Khmelevskii

Head of Engineering

Jonathan Nickel

Finance Manager

Steve Eddy

Director, Product Management

Garrett Gouveia

Support Representative

Anna Iskandarian

Customer Support

Justin Khuc

Head of Support

John Kim

Customer Support & Success Representative

Steven Yoshihara

Customer Support & Success Analyst

Darin McGinnis II

Account Executive

Joe Schulz

Account Executive

Ryan van Niekerk

Account Executive

Pete Bianchi

Senior Customer Success Manager

Austin Gardner

Customer Success Director

Eric Simpson

Sr. Manager, Implementation

Serhii Bondaruk

Full-stack Engineer

Nazar Gandymov

Senior QA Engineer

Oleksii Goryachev

Full-stack Engineer

Artem Handzioshyn

Mobile Team Lead

Yevhenii Horbenko

Senior Full-stack Engineer

Nazar Ilkiv

Team Lead Engineer

Anton Sapyanov

Full Stack Engineer

Ihor Vovk

Senior IOS Engineer

Karolina Awizen

Junior Product Designer

Ryan Duffy

Mobile Product Manager

Danny Ortiz-Wills

Junior Illustrator

Will Symons

Head of Design

Dmytro Zakharchenko

Senior Product Designer

Zack Buffum

Training and Enablement Director

Hannah Conrad

Senior Marketing Manager

Kathryn Grazian

Project Manager

Anna Moskalenko

Lead Recruiter HR

Meet our Team

About the Founder

Ashot Iskandarian

Ashot founded Shopmonkey in 2016, fueled by his passion for digital technology and motorsports. After experiencing first-hand local shops running on sluggish and complex software from the 1990s, Ashot conceived the idea to enable these shops to run more efficiently and with better service.  When he isn’t tinkering with cars or running Shopmonkey, he spends his time with his wife, Annie and their four children.

Maintenance for Moms

Ashot and his wife, Annie, are committed to giving Shopmonkey profits to help underprivileged moms by paying for their vehicle repairs. 

Getting your vehicle repaired can be one of the most intimidating (and expensive) experiences, especially for a single mom. We want to do our part and love on this very particular and deserving group of women.  

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