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We Exist to Help Every Shop Thrive

Our vision is to help every shop across a variety of related industries to thrive by helping them become more organized, reduce frustration and headache, and become more profitable while better serving their customers.
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Our Founder

Passion brought to shop management

Fueled by his passions for motorsports and technology, Ashot Iskandarian founded Shopmonkey in 2016. He noticed that the auto industry was underserved — lacking a modern, easy-to-use shop management system. Having worked at a number of software companies in Silicon Valley, he put his product management expertise to good use, creating Shopmonkey to help empower and enable auto shops to streamline and grow their businesses. Thanks to Ashot’s dream of a mobile, all-in-one solution, thousands of shops across the U.S. and Canada now trust Shopmonkey as their shop management software of choice.

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Shopmonkey history

A brief history of Shopmonkey

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, we have a team of talented, smart, and humble people who have worked for some of the most recognized companies in the world. Our commitment is to serve our customers, which is why we pride ourselves in hiring the best talent regardless of their location to strategically grow a dynamic, globally distributed team.

First Line of Shopmonkey Code

Jan 2017

First Line of Shopmonkey Code

Combining his passions for cars and computer programming, Shopmonkey CEO, Ashot Iskandarian, begins to take Shopmonkey from concept to reality.

Shopmonkey is Founded

Jul 2017

Shopmonkey is Founded

On his birthday, Ashot quits his job in the tech industry to pursue Shopmonkey full-time.

Seed Round Investment Raised

Oct 2018

Seed Round Investment Raised

Shopmonkey raises its initial seed round investment, kicking off a mission to help auto shops across North America thrive.

Shopmonkey + Maintenance for Moms

Helping Single Mothers Since 2016

While in the beginning stages of Shopmonkey, Ashot and his wife, Annie, also founded Maintenance for Moms — a non-profit dedicated to helping single mothers with car maintenance and repairs. Inspired by their strong Christian faith, the Iskandarian family is committed to donating a portion of Shopmonkey’s profits to this deserving and underserved group of women - raising money and donating vehicles to help get them back on their feet, and back on the road.

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Shopmonkey careers

Change the auto industry and impact customers by helping every shop thrive

Interested in joining the Shopmonkey team? We are always looking for hungry, humble, and smart individuals who are excited about transforming the auto repair industry.

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